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Post by Admin on Sun Jul 20, 2008 3:46 pm

Credit where it's due, the EE writers managed to surprise me with Archie. I was expecting just another dodgy geezer, a dad of the Frank Butcher variety who floated in and out his kids lives when it suited. To see him unmasked as a vicious spiteful manipulator, I didn't see that coming. The scenes with Ronnie were excellent. Seeing him start off by asking her to forgive and forget, that he did what he did for her own good, etc. etc., then the change to "apologise to me for daring to grow up" followed by an actual physical assault on his daughter, the man's a monster. Even Johnny Allen kept that side of himself for people outside his family. All of a sudden it was clear as day, Ronnie wasn't being stubborn at all. She had every right not to forgive and forget what her dad did.

Well done to Larry Lamb, I loathe him already. I don't know how long his contract is, but the story can only really go one way, that is, with Archie pulling the wool over everyone's eyes and Ronnie being seen as a troublemaker. There can't be any redemption for Archie, so he can only continue until the truth comes out, when he's leaving the programme.


I'm not so keen, but then again I've only seen the one episode with him in, I have a bit of catching up to do. Maybe its because I cant stand bullies (my daughter is having problems with one at the moment) so I am probably biased. But I shall see how he pans out before casting to many judgments Very Happy


Normally Peggy doesn`t get led in, but looks like he`s pulled the (lambs) Laughing wool over her eyes.


One of the strongest "Mitchells" we have had in years, can't wait to see what he get's up to in the sqaure. I think he made Ronnie just a little bit more interesting...


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