Week ending 27th November

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Week ending 27th November Empty Week ending 27th November

Post by Lou on Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:49 am

Maria drives me mad when she's in misery, I know people have weird thoughts, but wanting to give up her baby Rolling Eyes

I still can't take to Dev, and I think he's draggin Steve down with him, with this silly golfing story line, get Steve back with Becky in a storyline.

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Week ending 27th November Empty Re: Week ending 27th November

Post by Sally on Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:56 am

I've liked Dev more over the past year or so than I ever did before, because the writers are making fun of him. Dev still thinks he's 25 and the writers show him no mercy! Even little bits, like Amber making fun of him because he didn't know how to text on his mobile, showing his age Very Happy . The scenes in the golf club where the man in charge wasn't at all impressed with Dev's smoothness, it made me laugh. I don't like Dev's attitude towards John Stape though, and wish they hadn't made him so judgemental.

I don't particularly like Carla but I love the way she's treated Sally and Rosie this week. They have such a high opinion of themselves and to see Carla slap them down has been wonderful.

Molly and Kevin are still awful though. And I wonder what's behind Rosie being nice to John in the cafe? Please don't let him get mixed up with her again.
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