Thursday 15th October

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Thursday 15th October Empty Thursday 15th October

Post by HiJo on Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:25 pm

I wonder why Janine was crying real tears. She seems to regret the way she treated Frank and it looks like she's seeing Archie as a father-substitute and was genuinely worried about his health. But that can't be, if she's still planning to rip him off. What I don't understand is how she thinks she can get away with it. Archie is a master at what he does and although Janine's a good pupil she's nowhere near his level. And Ryan is just a joke.

I think Ricky had a cheek to move Sam into the already overcrowded house and complain that she had nowhere else to go. Yes she did, she simply chose not to live at the Vic. And she could even live with her uncle Archie who is presently rattling around that big house all on his own, a house the same size as Pat's.
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Thursday 15th October Empty Re: Thursday 15th October

Post by Lou on Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:29 pm

Ricky is about as bright as a 10w bulb, there's no way Bianca and Sam can live under the same roof and be civil.

I wish Heather had moved out, maybe back to Minty's at least for a while, because Shirley needs a kick up the backside.

I'm glad the fight between Mas and Zainab wasn't dragged out too much, it's good to see them back together again.

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