Thurs 6th Aug

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Thurs 6th Aug Empty Thurs 6th Aug

Post by Lou on Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:05 pm

Wonder if Joe told the foreman the real reason he had been off the job?

I'm glad Fiz has finally told Kevin it was Chesney that took the car

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Thurs 6th Aug Empty Re: Thurs 6th Aug

Post by Sally on Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:04 am

I was hoping Chesney was hiding upstairs listening to his big sister trying to protect him.

I loved the scenes Rosie was in, Helen Flanagan has made such a success of this part cos I just long to smack Rosie's bottom and send her to her room Laughing . She's so totally thick, all that money on a private education was a waste of effort.

The Joe storyline surely cannot continue for much longer. I think they should try to wind it up now and that Gail should find out about David's part in it.
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