Tuesday 21st July

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Tuesday 21st July

Post by HiJo on Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:51 pm

Again, Jean confirms her place as soap's most stupid, annoying character. What a disservice she does to real bipolar sufferers, she makes it look like the condition has you behaving like a creepy idiot. The way she loomed over Stacey, smiling that awful grin, "reassuring" the poor girl that she was going to take care of her, who can blame Stacey for legging it? She doesn't want to be like "her" (I wonder why she never once said Mum to the psychiatrist, just referred to creepy Jean as "her" or "she"), and no wonder. I still feel the whole thing has been so badly researched. Unless being bipolar makes you consistently invade other people's personal space, always put your foot in it, behave like an excited five year old one minute then go on the defensive and be extremely touchy the next, somebody has screwed up. Jean is supposed to be on medication therefore what she's doing now is just Jean and not the illness. She's got to go. She is either a terrible actress or the director needs a few lessons in directing.

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Re: Tuesday 21st July

Post by Lou on Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:06 pm

Wow wouldn't that be good, go to the hospital, put your shoes on the wrong feet and get a psyche consult that most people wait months for Rolling Eyes

Jean is horrendous, someone shoot her please.

Abi the spoilt brat is back again (although did she ever go), and she still hasn't grown a braincell, expecting everything to bee sweetness and light straight away Evil or Very Mad

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