Tuesday 26th May

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Tuesday 26th May

Post by HiJo on Tue May 26, 2009 3:15 pm

What struck me most about this episode is how utterly loathsome Ian Beale is. Is this his next thing, getting the vulnerable to borrow money then charging them extortionate interest rates? Big Mo made it clear Ian has no real power, he's hardly your usual loan shark. What exactly can he do if someone refuses to pay? He must have known his threats would be like water off a duck's back to Stacey or any of the Slaters (except possibly Charlie), so he's already down several hundred pounds and he's hardly started. I suppose it's possible he could win with Heather, who might respond to his threats in the way he wants. But I think we all know how this story will end, with Ian being made to look like a fool again.
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