Friday 22nd May

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Friday 22nd May

Post by HiJo on Sat May 23, 2009 2:47 pm

I had a few problems with this episode. Are we now supposed to see Billy Mitchell as a decent human being because he covered for Nick to spare Dot's feelings? Surely it was just another example of how completely stupid Billy is? A few people on the square are already suspicious of Nick and wondering what's going on at Dot's house, is Billy so self-centred he's never had any doubts himself? His stupidity is putting Dot at risk and leaving her at the mercy of Nick when Billy has had the ultimate proof that Nick has NOT changed in the slightest, he's still the odious creep he always was. Why on earth would he want to ensure that Dot trusts Nick? The kindest thing would be to set her straight so she can get rid of him and be safe. But that was just typical Billy, he doesn't think things through. With what he knows of Nick, wouldn't Dottie be safer in care? Billy knows Nick was responsible for the death of his other child, why would he want to leave poor innocent little Dottie Shocked in Nick's hands?

So Stacey's gone missing. Jean suspects Mo is not telling the truth about Stacey being with Lynn. But with Lynn living on Mars where there are no phones, Jean can't phone her daughter on her mobile or on Lynn's landline to put her own mind at rest. Right? Rolling Eyes

I did enjoy Jamie Borthwick's performance and I was very glad that forgiveness was not forthcoming because that would have been unrealistic. I also enjoyed Phil's part in it, his half-hearted attempts to help Billy before backing off, hands in the air, muttering "it ain't my fight".
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